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About Rob Falconer
2021 Interview

Rob Falconer began his art career late in his life. Growing up in a family of athletes, the idea of exploring artistic talents was not something that was ever even considered in the Falconer household.  It was not until 2016 when Rob attended college in Boston that he realized he had artistic talent. 

 "During my sophomore year of college, I took the class [Art history 101] because I believed it would be an easy elective to balance out the hard finance classes that I was taking that semester, little did I know it was one of the hardest classes at the school". For 3 hours a week that semester, Falconer sat in the classroom while an old art hippie disguised as a professor presented famous works of art to the students via PowerPoint presentation.  Falconer stated in our interview, "I was inspired by the work that was being presented to me and I believed I could create something unique. That was when I decided that I would give painting a shot."  That night, Rob went to the store, bought a children's level art set from the local Wal-Mart, and painted "The Bartender", a 12x14 painting depicting an old man. Rob's art journey began. 

Falconer's style as a self-taught artist soon took shape as he rushed to create as many paintings as he could in the attempt to make up for the lost time. "With each painting that I created, I learned something new and my style adapted".  Rob learned early on that he loved painting with loud colors which are still a fundamental part of his current style.

Painting soon began to be a form of income for Rob as he struggled to pay for his expensive college degree.  "I began selling myself as a commission artist to try to fund my college expenses."  Little did his clients know that their recently commissioned professional artist had only been painting for a few weeks! "I realized early on, that although painting commissions was a good form of income, I was much more interested in painting the ideas in my head.  Today, Robert still does not have any formal art education and does not have any interest in taking art classes for fear that formal education will dilute his natural artistic style that developed through trial and error. 

"Thank you for taking the time to explore my website and my collections.  Please feel free to reach out to me using the contact tab on my website to let me know you thoughts and to tell me about yourself.  I look forward to connecting with you!"  - Rob

professional shot.PNG

Falconer describes his current style as Abstract Realism.  He states, "I am not sure if Abstract Realism is a term that exists in the art community, but it is how I describe my style.  I enjoy painting realist paintings that hover just before the line of complete abstraction".  Falconer says that his best works look like abstract paintings at first look, but when you take a second look, you can see faces and realist elements.  "Although not all my works have people as the subject of the painting, I enjoy including faces and figures in my paintings because I believe it brings better emotion to the piece than say a landscape can provide." 

Today, Rob continues to explore his artistic journey by creating and showing his works and selling to his loyal followers of his art.  At any given time, Rob has multiple art pieces in the creation process including paintings which take months to complete and digital art which he creates and sells in NFT form allowing him to release artistic thoughts and concepts quicker than paintings. 

If you are interested in following along with Rob Falconer's artistic journey, you can through his online blog at


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