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Digital Art

As my life gets busier and busier, I have less and less time to commit 60-80 hours to paint a physical painting.  Creating digital art allows me to create art on the go.  These works are art that I draw on my phone when I get a few spare minutes in the day.

Boy Digital Values Concept Drawing

Made to test value capabilities in digital art.

The Death Trap

The Death Trap Digital Art

Dream State

Dream State Digital Art Dream State is a digital drawing that I created to represent where we go in our sleep and how we recharge.


Karen Digital Art

Wrapped in Thought

Wrapped in Thought Digital Art Wrapped in thought is a digital work that I created to represent how I come about ideas for my work. I believe ideas catch the creator and use them as a means to be created. This is my representation of an idea catching a lucky creator.

The Decision

The Decision Digital Art The Decision is a digital drawing that I created to represent the decision process and how everyone is just 1 decision away from changing their entire self.

The Waiting Man

The Waiting Man Digital Art

The Bearded Man

The Bearded Man Digital Art

The Indian

The Indian Digital Art

John the Baptist

John the Baptist Digital Art This is the first digital drawing that I create. It is supposed to represent John the Baptist in the story of Salome.

the Woman with the Harp

The Woman with the Harp Digital Art

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