My Snapchat memories today told me that 4 years ago today I was working on this painting

Here is the pencil sketch for my new painting that I am working on 3.5 ft x 4ft. I increased the contrast of this picture so the pencil sketch shows up better I usually do not sketch out ideas before I paint them because they are hard to cover up with paint, but the majority of the colors for this painting are colors that will easily cover up pencil marks so I gave it a shot. It is important for me when I paint to have proper spacing as you can probably tell from the drawing. Any guesses on what it is?

I am currently in the process of creating the second part of my charcoal drawing “Eye of the Storm”. This Drawing is suppose to be a more Zoomed out version of the first charcoal drawing. I think I need to make it look a bit darker but other than that I like where it is going. I also learned that you should only draw with a cardboard backing if you want lines to show up. Let me know what you believe the meaning of the drawing is!


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